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To Germany goes the spoils!


I had 2 bets during the WC… 1st I backed Germany from day one to win the tournament and I backed them again to beat Brazil in the semi.


Expectation has always been a heavy weight to bear for the Brazilians and having it at home was only going to increase the pressure to perform, three fold! Some countries thrive under that situation, but they are certainly not one of them. Germany really looked focused on the execution of each game and not the end result, this along with their methodical, in your face, style of football was best suited for this one off type of competition. They weren’t always pretty but they certainly were brutal!


1) Those poor old Poms:

I have long been of the opinion that they need to change the format of their domestic competition the EPL. Not many so-called soccer buffs agree with me, but I feel that it has created a culture of accepting mediocrity and defeat. Due to the nature of its structure, (with no play-offs or final series), getting beaten, in many cases, by lesser teams is often accepted… as there is always next week (or the next game). It is only near the end of the season, when teams trying to win the comp or not be relegated, we see desperate tournament like football. I actually enjoy watching the seller dwellers going at it in the last 5 weeks, as the level of football not only starts to match their level of desperation, but it also makes you wonder why they are at the bottom of the ladder. In most sports, winning often comes down to one’s “state of mind” or the “mental intensity” your take into a contest.

2) Long live Messi:

Even though I didn't think he was the best player of the tournament, I was still happy to see him rewarded on the biggest stage for the "incredible level of football" he has delivered over the past 4-5years. "Great players come and go, but legends only come around once or twice in a life-time!" I sincerely hope we can continue to enjoy watching his skills for some time yet!

3) Aussie didn't hop into history:

Firstly, who was the "lymp d . . k" that tought of that slogan to be painted on the team bus? He should be the only person to be sacked after the WC campaigne! Congrats to the Head Coach and the whole socceroo team... they represented us with the pride and passion that we are known throughout the world for. Sure, there were the occassional lapses of concentration and belief, but they fought hard and didn't give-up trying for one second. Cahill's attitude (and the goal) was great, but there were plenty of signs that this team could develop into a semi-final team in 2018. Let's just hope they start building the "bicept of belief" to make this happen!


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